FNU Co-hosts the 2022 International Islands Forum


Recently, the 2022 International Islands Forum, co-hosted by China Oceanic Development Foundation, Island Research Center of Ministry of Natural Resources of the People’s Republic of China, the Management Committee of Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, FNU and Fujian Key Laboratory of Island Monitoring and Ecological Development, kicked off in Pingtan. More than 150 experts and scholars from 14 countries, including Yale University, Newcastle University, University of British Columbia, the UNESCO Inter-Governmental Habogor Agricultural University, and the National Institute for South China Sea Studies, participated in the forum online or offline. Professor Chen Qinghua, vice president of FNU, attended the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Chen Qinghua introduced the general situation of FNU, the discipline construction, personnel training, serving the society and other aspects of Law School, as well as the disciplines related to the marine economy in our university. He said that we should thoroughly implement the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Party, actively conduct research on island protection and development, and summarize and promote the advanced concepts and practical cases of island management, which is of great significance in practicing the Belt and Road Initiative, serving the ecological advancements, building island blue partnership, and promoting global island governance and sustainable development.   

The theme of the forum is  Eco-islands & Blue Development, and there are five sub-forums: Blue Economy and Blue Partners, Marine Spatial Planning and Sustainable Utilization, Counter-measures against Climate Change and Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Marine Ecosystem Protection and Restoration, and Island Protection and Ocean Governance. Among them, the sub-forum of Island Protection and Ocean Governance was organized by FNU and presided over by Yang Yinhong, dean of Law School of FNU, where four scholars made keynote speeches. Professor Zhu Xiaoqin, vice dean of Law School of Xiamen University, shared his ideas, titled “Thoughts on Island Ecological Compensation System” online, elaborating on the island ecological compensation issue in terms of the legal basis, reference cases, current problems and solutions. Professor Yang Yinhong made the report Causality Judgement of Infringement Liability of the Use of Toxic Substances on Islands, determining the causality of infringement responsibility of the use of toxic substances on islands through the general and specific causal relationship theories. Professor Shi Zhiyuan, vice-dean of Law School of FNU, made the report On Several Legal Issues of Marine Ecological Environment Governance, discussing Marine ecological environment governance from the following three aspects: scientific solutions to issues left from history in oceanic utilization, scientific management of marine garbage drifts and practical explorations of marine carbon sink. Professor Luo Shifu, dean of College of Marine Culture and Law of Jimei University, shared his views, titled “On the Identification of Unused Sea Areas and the Optimization of the Administration Rules” online, exploring in depth the identification of unused sea areas and the optimization of the administration rules”.            

This forum is one of the academic activities for the 115th anniversary of our university. Experts and scholars present held in-depth discussions on the theme, shared academic ideas and research results, and conducted exchanges of ideas and wisdom, which will vigorously advance the study of island issues to a higher level.


(Translated by Chen Xinhao/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)